Monday, 8 October 2012

Home Of Dragons

The train turned off the normal route we do and went through Gloucester and then cross country to I really don't know where!
(But I have since looked at a Google map)

  The (muddy!) River Wye

 Looking over The Wye towards Wyedean 

I did guess that it was the Bristol Channel and ultimately the Train Manager gave out an announcement to let us know where we going.

River Severn/ Bristol Channel
(seeing as I'm not sure where one ends and the other begins!)

Severn Bridge
Severn Bridge   

There are 2 Severn Bridges - one is the M4 and the other is a Toll Bridge.
Not sure which is which as I was just snapping madly away trying not to snap all the electric pylons.

It takes a long time going through the Severn Tunnel; it's a bit scary...going under the water! I certainly don't fancy doing the Channel Tunnel to France. Spooks me walking under the Thames at Greenwich too!

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