Sunday, 1 September 2013

Ditsy Belle #31 - Perfume

I think I may need to term this a wardrobe of smells!

A small selection of Jean Paul Gaultier smellies.
OMG! I love this man. Such fab bottle designs. Bloomin' brilliant! And I do like the perfume too, though I prefer the Classique scents to the Fragile.

A couple of Cliniques' lighter, more summery smells. I have used their Aromatics for years but these, Happy in Bloom and Happy to Be are much easier to wear. A moment of madness in the (as then) new Selfridges in the Bullring in Brum saw me walk away with this rather stunning Jo Malone perfume, Pomegranate Noir. Ooo, I've just had a little spray - shame you can't get scratch 'n' sniff blogs! I feel it is a very 'grown up' perfume! Then there is a burst of Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood.
Again another buy from Selfridges, the Stila Jade Blossom is gorgeous. They are real flowers on the bottle, so each one is unique. The Playboy bunny ears bottle just makes me smile. Can't really remember the smell...will use it tomorrow just to remind me. Loverdose probably has been one of my favourite perfumes since Aromatics. Love , Love, LOVE it! Love the smell, love the bottle design and how it feels in your hand when you use it. Plus, it looks pretty neat too.
I've uploaded this tiny picture I found on ebay, as I think mine is still packed up from the refurb. This was the first perfume I bought when I moved up to London and started working. It is also one of the few perfumes that I have finished and replaced. But I think it has since been discontinued. Shame. Goodness knows how I came to pick it; I think I was just walking through Jonny Loulous on Oxford Street, tried the tester and was hooked!
This being the second post of the evening and the final one of the month it struck me I'm glad I finished on nice smelly perfumes and not smelly bins!
Thank you for such a fun idea Bianca, it's been great!

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  1. My goodness, what a lot of perfume! I do love a nice perfume and always wear it, every day, but I only ever have one on the go at a time, two if I'm lucky enough to get given one as a gift. How spartan of me! xxxxx