Thursday, 5 September 2013

I Wanna Meet My Blogging Mate!

Cam Poe this is for you!
I saw this when grocery shopping yesterday and thought "I know, I'll open this tomorrow whilst thinking about my bloggy mate."
We were going to meet in Brum today, but Life gets in the way. Cameron Poe had left me a comment about the new Galaxy chocolate a couple of posts ago, saying I must try it.

Having looked back at the comment, it was HONEYCOMB Galaxy, not caramel!
Still, sure this'll taste yummy and we will get to meet up some time!
Z xx


  1. Yummy I say :-) Look me up again lovely when you are next this way, dee xx

    1. Will do, honeypie!
      Don't think we're in Plymouth until the end of October. Must check it with Mr B.
      Z xx