Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ditsy Belle #30 - Chore

Bins! Bins! Smelly bins!!
I had Mr B to thank for this (old) photo that he searched out from our huge collection. It was taken the first day of the new wheelie bins collection and was a bit of a disaster...and several years down the line and a few more bins and crates added to the mix it hasn't improved that much!!
It seems that a lot of the town have issues with the company that won the tender after the council gave up on doing it. Well, I have found them to be very good, pleasant and efficient. Can't ask for more that that, can you?
On a totally different topic - noticed that this was taken before 'bitch from hell' moved in upstairs, (hence, the For Sale board).
I have just coped with the many family members celebrating three August birthdays; with a stinking barbecue and a pro DJ playing music outside from early afternoon until about half an hour ago when somebody, in no uncertain terms, asked them all to shut up!! (No, not me! or Mr B, some other long-suffering neighbour I presume!). I hope I haven't grown into a grumpy old woman, but, when the bass from their speakers, in the garden, can be felt while I'm sitting on my bed, yeah, you get my drift!
So wow! Thank you for your heartfelt must be working.
Z xx 

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