Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Foot of the Day?
Nail of the Day?
This is what I wore on my footsies for yet another dental visit today!  This was my annual 'check up' and hygienist appointment. Clean bill of health but a filling needs re-doing.
Lunch in the park again. Yay!
Varnish colour achieved with one coat of yellow, Brick Road by Leighton Denny followed by 2 coats of Limoncello by Borghese. This looks such a wonderful colour in the bottle, but when it dries on the nail it is a very watered down version, which is a shame, because who wants to bother with a base coat, top coat and 3 coats of colour? Mih!
 Sandals and nail varnish from various past shopping sprees at TK Maxx.

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  1. Frustrating when a colour takes so much application, I always seem to manage to smudge my polish as well.