Sunday, 22 September 2013

Mr B had to scoot off to work early this morning; before breakfast had officially 'opened', but managed to get an orange juice and a couple of croissants.
Cue a couple of hours later and I got myself down to breakkie. Hurrah! The waffle machine was working again! (It wasn't yesterday and broke the last time we stayed here too!)

I'd been on the look-out for this Real Techniques fine liner brush for a while; they didn't stock it in my local Boots. Found it in the big Boots up here yesterday. There was a 'buy one get one 1/2 price' offer on, so I also bought the new, just out, miracle complexion sponge too. It was the last one left on the rack. Not tried these shaped sponges intrigued as to how well they work. Anyone tried them?
Mr B brought back their duo fibre brushes from Ulta, in the USA, before they were released here in the UK. I haven't used them much as I've been wearing mainly mineral powder base since he got them and I don't find them to my liking for that. Now we are moving towards colder weather, I shall be trying them out with liquid foundations and hope they are better with that.
I think if you are younger and only need lighter coverage of any type of foundation, you will find them really nice to use, but I need something a bit more heavy duty!
Some people have mentioned that the eye brush is scratchy, but I haven't noticed that with mine.

They do an amazing Sunday Lunch deal at the Mal, but, only fancying a sarnie, I popped down to the restaurant to see if it was possible. Did I want it in the room? After getting a bit freaked out at breakfast because it was so busy, I opted for room service and this is what was delivered!
Not quite a sandwich, but so totally wonderful, all the same. It just isn't the same doing a small joint of roast beef for two as having a couple of slices off a huge joint.
And, of course, eating in the room meant 2 little kitties managed to share the yumminess too!
X xx


  1. ohhh let me know about the sponge xxx

  2. The food looks delicious and I'm rather intrigued by the sponge, could you perhaps do a review on it at a later date? xx

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    1. Am finding the sponge totally ace to use. Yes, good idea to a review.