Friday, 30 May 2014

A Bun In The Oven (edited version)

Well, technically a loaf.
In my new bread maker!
(from Aldi)

In a little over 3 hours I should, with luck, be tucking into homemade fresh bread.
Will pop up a post on finished loaf later.
14:00 with added bun! 
Don't know what Picasa is playing at with my text - this is the 4th attempt. I give up!
So, here is my first loaf. Pretty good I'd say. This is the medium crust setting; I just used the Quick Start recipe. It tastes a bit 'yeasty' but that may be because I didn't stop to let it cool; I think it would be good with some added flavour and seeds/nuts etc.
But for my first attempt I am well chuffed.

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  1. I love my bread maker but don't use it often enough. Daily Bread have some fancy mixes that you just add water to if you don't want to measure things out!