Thursday, 1 May 2014

#BEDM ‘What is your blog all about?’

"You never know what you'll find on Pennyblossoms",
so says Mr B, my partner of 28 years on Sunday.
  (Or is that 'partner-in-crime'?)
Superstar Vlogger, Louise, of Sprinkle of Glitter said my blog is '... mostly about homes and interiors and what not, I enjoy blogs like that muchly..'
Sadly, Blogger seems to be playing silly b*ggers and I can't put in links or centre my typing, so I am giving up! Not how I envisaged my first #BEDM post to be!! Fingers crossed it'll be all up and running properly tomorrow.
Z xx

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  1. I love blogs which are a little bit of everything, best of all. x