Monday, 12 May 2014

A Vintage Kinda Gal

 Saturday was the Vintage Fair at St Matthews.
Lots of goodies bought, (that need photographing), friends caught up with and new ones made.
Sadly my 'twinnie' has a chest infection and wasn't able to make it but we've sent each other best wishes via Trevor!
At last, the perfect weather to wear my 'new' vintage Burberry that Mr B brought me from Scout in Sunderland.
as we call it, The Burberry Museum
Cannot believe that one was ever made large enough to fit me! The most brilliant thing for me is that, what some people would hate, the shorter sleeve, is the perfect 'bracelet length' for me and saves me having to roll back my sleeves, which I do with most of my jackets.
The yellow brolly I bought at TK Maxx, for a fiver, ages ago.

 My wonderful vintage poker print scarf was a giveaway win from Char, again, ages ago!
Isn't it fabulous?
My tiny little yellow flower head earrings I bought when I was a student, so that must make them even older than vintage!
The amazing 'H' the old Citroen van was a newcomer to the Fair and Mr B bought me the most apt gift from them...a cushion made from a vintage Bognor Regis and surrounding views T-towel. BR basically runs through my veins. I will do a post on that as an individual 'thing' as most of the views I have photographs of that I have taken in the past.

A large part of my life on a cushion, you could say.

Obligatory windswept hair shot

Just to remind me to get a trim and some new highlights done!

#BEDM rather fell by the wayside; just got totally disillusioned with posting anything last week.


  1. Love these photos, how mad that I was just thinking "oh, I recognise that scarf!" and then remembered why :) x

    1. That made me laugh! It was the scarfs first outing but I think it was worth waiting for.
      Z xx

  2. What a fab gift - I like those shorter sleeves, too. Perfect for showing off bangles! x

    1. Did wear a blinging watch but didn't get as far as the bangles!
      Z xx