Sunday, 4 May 2014

#BEDM "Star Wars Day! Talk about Sci-Fi (interpret wildly)"

I have never actually watched a Star Wars movie; seen bits, just never a complete film.
And what was it with Carrie Fishers' 'doughnut' hairstyle?
 Here beautifully modelled by Rachel and Phoebe from 'Friends'
 But, from the name of my blog you may've guessed that I am a fan of The Big Bang Theory; so that's scientists that are fictional.

Guess that fits the bill!

But I did used to know Paul McCartney. No, not him, but a geologist, who co-wrote "Earth Lights" a book about UFOs.

 But to finish off todays' post a photo of me taken this afternoon, at a great diner in Far Cotton and a nifty little toon from the fabulous Rezillos. 

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