Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Not sneering...just a numb mouth

Had my infected tooth out yesterday.
3 roots no kidding. Ouch!
 And 200+ quid down the drain on root canal treatment with it.
That hurts almost as much as the tooth!
Two lots of antibiotic have played absolute havoc with my insides which the GP said could take up to six weeks to settle down.
She also suggested that I try those live bacteria yogurt thingies. When I nearly vomited down the phone she said they were also available as a tablet. So I 'treated' myself to a pack of "Biotic Balance Ultimate Flora" by Bioglan from Boots.
Not sure what it is doing but thank goodness my insides seem to be doing well much quicker than I could ever hope for.
Do you take any form of 'live bacteria' daily?
Any thoughts?
nice stool
 Mind you, still waiting for results of a stool sample (gulp).
Thank goodness this fur baby's fur is much better
Anyway, our two little adopted fur babies were in the park. Hurrah!
No, Vix, it isn't Polly Piglet, but Marmite. The woman who owns her, (yes, she does have an owner!), likes her, her husband doesn't.
The same woman has 'adopted' the other one which she said was a stray, but she doesn't feed her??
(No, I don't understand either)
Who's this Polly Piglet I keep hearing about?
 Thank goodness for the lovely lady who opens the Box Office in the park; we had a great natter with her. It was her who told us about their 'home'; she had brought in food for them, as did we.
Yes, we took a box of cat kibbles to the dentist. Are we mad??


  1. Those cats are just gorgeous, Marmite is the dead spit of Polly Piglet and I don't understand how you can adopt a stray but not feed them.
    Feel better soon. x

    1. I know; it seems very cruel. Why bother saying that even? But the Box Office lady looks after them, so hurrah for her. (Not that she's there all the time, but it's a good start!)
      Mouth doing very well thank you. Big smile!
      Z xx

  2. Uh! So sorry about your tooth and the bank balance. I hope your gut gets better with some TLC. Isn't there an acidopholphilus cereal you can get? Dunno. I might have imagined that.
    You have some mighty wierd cat co parenting situations round your way. xx

    1. I'm impressed that you even know the name of 'that stuff' even if you may've imagined the cereal! The tablet form seems to be doing its' job.
      There's some pretty weird child co-parenting in this area too. I think because we are so far away from the sea stuck right in middle England!

  3. Oh gosh, I'm off to the dentist in the morning - just a check up but who knows. I have to admit I'm not filled with confidence in my dentists, I had a root canal done as a result of them drilling too deep for a filling and causing infection. When it was still painful a few weeks later I went back and was told that they'd done the root canal in the wrong tooth as they'd read the X-ray wrong. I quote: "Oops." :( I was not impressed.