Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Vintage-styled Window Sill

Now that the weather seems to be settled on 'warm', (with occasional  thunder and lightning!), it seemed a good time to put the plants from the loo window sill out in the garden.
But what to put there instead?
Two ironwork covered bottles and a whatever the pinky one in the middle is.
Oh, and not forgetting the vintage French wooden birdcage, with all its' original glass feeding bowls.

I've 'borrowed' this photo from Cherry Anne Merriman.
I've 'borrowed' this photo from Cherry Anne Merriman.
I got the glassware last summer from Twinset & Pearls, Joan and Jane, I think their names are??? Sorry, forgotten; but always a joy to see these two lovely ladies.
Trevor, who organises the Vintage in the Shires Fairs and Briony, May 2012
The birdcage came from Briony at the Fair the other Saturday.
Couldn't believe this picture that came with an e-mail from Jonny of the very same style bottles!
 Never been aware of seeing them before and now they're 'trending' at JL.
Hark at my trendy interior design!!
Z xx


  1. Love your window display. I haven't seen those style of bottle before but I'd buy them if I did! x

  2. Great Inspiration!!!! I love it!!!

  3. Oh, what a lovely windowsill -such pretty colours! I'd want a bird though.

  4. I love pretty dressed windowsills, they may be a pain to clean but one has to have something nice to look at!


  5. Ooh get you! Style icon!

    Those are fab colours.