Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Wicker Wednesday


During a very wet spell, on Saturday afternoon, we travelled back home in Mr Cabbies cab, a 7-seater minibus!, with this beauty...

...a Tea for Two set.

I first saw one of these years ago in Southsea. We fell in love with it, but times woz 'ard and so it passed by, with us promising ourselves 'one day, one day'. That day turned out to be last Saturday. Hurrah! It is just one of those items that fits into our small flat; no awkward manoeuvres to get it through the porch, or over the neighbours' back garden fence, (which we had to do with the piano!!). Perfik!

This is one item that actually hasn't found its way to chez Pennyblossoms! (And has since been sold).

The original glass top over a padded fabric 'comforter' and underneath a rather ugly set of drawers but with the most amazing metal curtain track fitted to the edge of the kidney shape. Now, I've never seen one with a proper track like that before. It was so cute. I'm lucky, I have one of those 'Louis-style' dressing tables with a triple mirror, which Mr B found in Chapel Street in Islington. It is my second fave piece of furniture, the first being a deco sideboard with the most amazing 'tiger stripe' veneer. Again, another hulking great big piece of furniture!

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Z xx


  1. Ha ha I love that photo I would never have thought you would get a table and chairs in the back of a black cab!!!

  2. Haha, brilliant!

    I'd love to see a pic of your dressing table.

  3. Well done with the new furniture!! Love that wicker set. :)