Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Ditsy Belle #14 - Workplace

Today's theme is 'workplace'. Seeing as I don't work, I thought I 'd show a few past places. Above is me with a cast member of Ennosuke III's Kabuki Company. I had my name written in Japanese on a piece of gaffer tape to wear at all times, which is still stuck on the side of my chest of drawers.
It still ranks as one of the greatest jobs I have ever been lucky enough to do.
 Just fantastic.
I was able to get my best mate to work with me too. The whole room was covered in matting and we were not allowed to walk on it in shoes and were given pairs of oriental socks to wear. Some of the costumes were hundreds of years old and had special ways of being folded and tied. The history and tradition was awe-inspiring.
A truly cherished memory.
Here I am wearing a jacket I sewed for a silk painter who has work on display in the V&A.
I was self-employed and worked at home quite a lot of the time.
(Don't-cha luv the yellow Hot Tuna surfing sweats and my permed hair ponytail!!)

Finally a picture of  'my boys'; dancers from Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet. I was employed as a costume maker for the company, but to make a bit more money I'd do 'dressing' as well when they were at The Wells. 20+ years on one is the Ballet Master with the same company, (now renamed Birmingham Royal Ballet), one has his own dance company, one passed away desperately young and one I have written about his medal-winning Chelsea display here.
So, my adorned by jockstraps! Can't say that about many workplaces, can you?
Z xx

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