Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ditsy Belle #24 - Item

I believe they have stopped doing the 'Golly' brooches now because they are deemed un-PC.
But as a child I dutifully collected the tokens off the Robertson's marmalade jars and after a nail-biting session of choosing which design I wanted, sent off my 6d or whatever and eagerly awaited the postman's delivery.
I didn't get many and probably my favourite is my Lemon Shred one with 2 lemons, but I have never seen this one, ever.
(And me being such a plane lover, I'm sure I would've spotted one)
So, hurrah for the Vintage Fair and the lovely lady and her young daughter from the 'Oh my - it's VINTAGE!' stall.
Z xx


  1. I collected these too but have never seen this one. My maiden name was Robertson!

    1. I hope you kept them...can't believe some of the prices on eBay!
      Maybe you're related and worth a small fortune!