Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ditsy Belle #7 - Lipstick

 I bought this lipstick a while back from TKMaxx.
I would say this is a pretty true representation of its' colour on my lips.
It is Salvador Dalis' Rubyred Lips
If it looks familiar then this could be the reason why.
Dali designed this iconic Mae West Lips sofa in cohorts with Edward James, a patron of the Arts, in 1938.
I've been lucky enough to see one of the only 5 ever made, on display at Brighton Museum.
I was a huge fan (still am) of Edward James and wrote my college thesis about him. I was this close to meeting him, but sadly he passed away. Several years on Mr B and I got the chance of a private visit, of about a dozen of us, to Edward James' home, West Dean, near Chichester, West Sussex. It has been turned into a Foundation which holds all manner of training in various art/crafts. There are also  amazing grounds and kitchen garden.
It is a dream of a place.
So, as well as being a rather fab lippy, it also brings back some smashing memories too!
Z xx 


  1. Hi lovely lady, how is life treating you? love your new photo header I thought I had come to the wrong blog to begin with. Loving that lipstick what a cool out casing to looks like it should cost loads. Hugs, dee xxx

    1. I thought a picnic header was in keeping with all that hot summer weather.
      Having done a bit of research on the lippy, it seems it was even cheaper at The Fragrance Shop at £1.99! Bargain!