Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ditsy Belle #6 - Handmade Item (edited)

Having done a little trawl through Google, it seems I may be the only person to have actually knitted this De Kuyper cherry brandy jumper. But, amazingly, someone has uploaded the ad onto Youtube! (See below)
I knitted this when I was ill will glandular fever during what should've been my final year at college.
80s glitz at its' best!

I still have the original pattern too! 

Cannot believe this was on Youtube!

Some of the real thing growing in our garden.
Z xx


  1. Replies
    1. Shame it doesn't still fit me tho'!!!!(ha ha)

  2. Hello there, just catching up with your blog, and loving all the photo challenges.
    The sweater is 80s-tastic! Love your painting and all your fabulous jewellery from the previous posts too. xxxx

    1. Hi! Yes, been doing catch-up on your blog too!
      Hope Willow is doing well?