Sunday, 11 August 2013

Ditsy Belle #11 - Skincare Routine

My skincare routine, such as it is, tends to revolve around some product from Clinique.
Has done for, ooo, 20 years or thereabouts.
I usually only buy it when there is a Bonus Time, so you can get more bang for your buck!
I swear by 'take the day off' make-up remover.
The DDML has just recently been revamped, but the original is that good I have only changed to the gel formula, as I hit the 'hot flush' time of life.
My most recent and newest-to-try product has been their CC cream, which has been excellent, but I know doesn't suit everyone.

Another new purchase, with thanks to Mr B and the fabulous sales advisor from Clinique at The Loop (duty free) Dublin, was this trio above. Total fan of Moisture Surge in all its forms. Bloomin' brilliant stuff.
And I got the towel, at the top of the post, FREE!
Also, I must mention, for all you blokes out there, that the mens' range comes highly recommended by Mr B.
For less moola I would suggest Vichy and, having used it that long ago it was still "Oil of Ulay", I would also rate Oil of Olay, the basic pinky fluid moisturiser too.
such a blast from the past
(All images sourced through Google, except my towel picture)


  1. Clinque's make up remover was a complete fail for me as it did not agree with my eyes but I'm so tempted to revisit their moisturiser!


    1. Hiya! Thanks for popping over.
      Must admit, I don't think the remover would be good for contact lens wearers, it's quite oily and can leave a residue. But it does a fine job at taking off waterproof mascara.

  2. Mr B here.
    I met Mrs B when I was 26, she said I had skin like a dishrag and introduced me to Clinique Face Scrub, Face Soap, Scruffing Lotion, M Lotion, M Shave Aloe Gel and Post Shave Healer.
    In May, whilst working in Buxton, I went to a 50+ swimming session before work. "You're not 50!" said one of the ladies. "I am 52", I replied.
    I don't have an aging portrait of myself, but I do have a stack of empty Clinique Bonus Time For Men wash bags.
    Can't run for a bus though.

  3. I think I might have to give some of them a try. xx