Friday, 9 August 2013

Ditsy Belle #9 - Favourite Colour

 I love a bit of colour, me!

How can I possibly pick a favourite?
Above is my loo windowsill full of recently acquired colourful goodies.
(No, it doesn't usually have a handbag and book artfully draped on it!)

For those eagle-eyed viewers, you may recognise these flowers, below, as the background for the fly yesterday.
We'd gone into the big BHS for a coffee and there was just this one blue jug sitting there, unloved. Of course, it had to come home with me! There was the fly, just sitting there, quite happy not wanting to move. I am pretty sure we left him behind!

It's taken me forever to crop this hare into an oval shape. But I got there in the end!
Especially for Margaret at Penny Dreadful Vintage, who has just recently blogged a post on things with hares on. (Other than your head!)  Ha ha, Margaret...just found another one!
Z xx


  1. That first photo is pure art! The colours are gorgeous! xxx

  2. Two posts on hares! Hares are having their moment!