Friday, 16 August 2013

Ditsy Belle #16 - Phone

I picked this phone from a choice on offer because it was solid and chunky; with solid and chunky fingers a more 'girly' petite phone was not really an option!
I then found out that it was known as 'the builder's phone' because it is quite solid and keeps the dust out, which in a 2-cat household is no bad thing.
I had my previous phone for years and still prefer it to this one. It wasn't anything special, I just want a phone that I can make phone calls with. Is that so odd? I feel nowadays they do everything  but make you a cup of tea(!), but in my eyes that just means there's more to go wrong and a bigger possibility of it being nicked!!
Z xx


  1. I so agree with you on the technology front I dreed having to up grade mine I want just the basics like you do :-) dee xx

  2. My mom's exactly the same, she sticks with an old faithful phone. It's been down the toilet and through a wash and yet it still works!! Don't think you'd could say the same about an iPhone.