Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ditsy Belle #20 - Bath/Body Product

For a Brit, 'Bed, Bath & Beyond' is somewhere I would fancy going to visit if I went to The States.
We first heard of it in the American sit-com, Will & Grace.
Mr B is brilliant though. (Who else would take this photo for me??) 
Years back there really was a Mode magazine, (nothing to do with Betty, ugly or otherwise). It was an American mag for 'the larger lady', and it was a treasure trove. I'm sure it was in one of these that I first read about Cetaphil skin care and I would highly recommend it. It is one of those skin ph thingy-ones, (non-comedogenic) and I tried it for my scaly backs of arm problem. It was brill. This last trip Mr B came back with a body wash and a different face wash. Love 'em!
I think at one point Boots (the Chemist) had a TV ad for it over here in the UK but I only ever saw it once. Mr B bought these at Target in the States, where the calico re-usable bag came from too!

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