Saturday, 10 August 2013

Ditsy Belle #10 - What Are You Reading? With Picture of Book in Question!!!!

Apart from all your blogs (!), I really want to get my teeth into this...

"Tales of The Alhambra" by Washington Irving. For reasons why click here, which was the trip to Granada that never quite happened!
I bought the book the first time I was there, meaning to read it when I got back. Never did. Tried to find it to take with me to read there... couldn't find it! (Thanks to all that refurb last year). So Mr B bought me a new copy, which I still haven't read.

I am late in posting as I have been 'helping' Mr B build this wonderful swing chair.
(Somewhere to read my book!)
And my fabulous "Saddle Up" cowboy quilt from HenHouse fits a treat. 

Mr Bs' treat...the last of the cherries. So red and juicy now.
And thoroughly enjoyed by one of our blackbirds too!
Z xx

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  1. Your garden and swing chair are just gorgeous, you should be in a magazine, they're certainly stylish enough! Love that picture of you reading, that book sounds right up my street! x