Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wicker Wednesday 9

Just wasn't up to doing this last week! Then my Internet access went AWOL too! Just wasn't the best of weeks, it has to be said. Even by the time it got to Friday and I managed to get to Totnes, my goodness, I paid for it Saturday!
Still, home now...Hurrah!

A double whammy of posters for Clark's winter boots! I am sure these ads are thought out months in advance, but I had to chuckle and wonder if someone had been spying on my Wednesday specials!!

A rather interesting looking shop across the road from Lesley's This 'n' That in Totnes. More wicker-y things than you can shake a stick at! And that is just the outside; I didn't actually go in to be honest!

And here is the delightful Mr Whicker with another great British icon, theQEII.

When I was at school, it was an annual event that the 4th Form went to visit Southampton Docks. We were lucky enough to visit when she was there, and my, she was a beaut! I love the fact that on the 'comments' part on YouTube someone has commented that they were the window cleaner in the clip. That must've been so funny finding that and watching it back, so long after the event!

And squeezing in by a head, (ie just had it bluetoothed to me by Mr B), the adorable Peregrine.

He was out 'on tour' too. He has now been moved from his handlers in Glasgow to the City Farm in Vauxhall. Apparently he became quite 'famous' during his week in London as George would walk him in from the Farm and then back at night, after the show. He had a photographer with him at one point, and of course you can imagine the delight of drunken revellers falling out of a pub and coming across a tiny white pony! What I think must've been even more weird would be seeing them on the footbridge over the River Thames!! And just a note of interest...he will fit in a black cab!
So here he is in his wicker 'stabling', in the dock at Plymouth Theatre Royal. I never had the chance to see him (boo!), but Mr B took this phone photo of 'The Pasty Thief'!
George had brought back 2 pasties from Looe and had left them on the side. Yep, you know what's coming...Peregrine had been tied up and the little bu**er had nibbled his rope until the knot came undone!! George had gone out to make a phone call and Mr B had just popped some bits on stage, so a in matter of seconds he managed to scoff 2 pastys and their paper bags! Mr B left George one of the pastiies he had bought for the journey home and when Peregrine came back in from doing his bit on stage, he managed to get at that one too, while he was being tended to. And a packet of Polos had gone missing!
Now, I thought horses were vegetarian?

This was Saturday, the last day of the show. I wouldn't like to be the one to open the horsebox after his journey back to London!
Z xx


  1. What a fun post. Love all the pictures...especially the pony. :) We got your second package (you are too sweet)... check out my Halloween post for some details. Have a happy Thursday!

  2. ha ha ha bless you i did smile and laugh i would hate to be in the horse box to ;-)) I love those old shops that have everything outside it looks like an aladins cave ;-)) Have a lovely weekend, dee xx