Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wicker Wednesday 11

Some of the wicker Christmassy decorations in Homesense the other day.
Now, you may remember me try on the Jan Constantine tea cosy here. Well, Mr B, not to be outdone, thought he'd get right into the Christmas spirit!

Ding! Dong! Avon calling!

It's a good job they know us there...I think any other store may get Security to escort us from the building!

Of course, no trip to Homesense is complete without a sit down visit to the drive-thru Starbucks. No comfy chairs left, but from where I was sitting I espied these wicker baskets sitting on rather nice wrought iron stands. Now, if I had one of those amazing inglenook fireplaces, (or even just a wood burning stove), I think this would be a rather nice look to recreate. What do you think?

Wicker Wednesday is in homage to Mr Alan Whicker, but I am finding it harder to find small, neat snippets of film now. I was tempted to put 'Whicker Island' on again, as it makes me laugh out loud. I Googled this piece, with Mr W talking about his tour of America, many moons ago. I wonder how he'd find it now? Or, in fact, any of the countries he has visited. I feel he captured a Golden Era, which, alas, for all the ease for the traveller nowadays, somehow it lacks something.

I am not a seasoned traveller by any means. I can count my trips abroad on one hand probably! I have in my mind my log book of trips that I will do; but at the moment, just getting myself to the hairdressers tomorrow is about as much as I can manage!
Where are your pipe dream visits to?
Z xx


  1. Cute blog! =)

  2. aaahh that made me smile with Mr B ;-)) love those wicker baskets on the stands those are yummy and i agree would great by a fireplace. dee xx

  3. Mr B with his wicker hat on is hilarious!
    I'm always dreaming of travel, I'm even dressed as an air hostess on my blog today. x