Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Divine Inspiration

Oh WOW! What a way to start the week!

Some of you may already know this Company, but if you don't, and you sew, take a look here.

Exquisite items, patterns, notions, gift ideas. Not 'cheap', but some things IMHO are worth spending on (ie scissors). As they point out, the cost of the item is forgotten after many years service. And things I haven't seen for sale since I was a child. I doubt I will buy anything, in as much as I have my tailors' shears etc etc, but it is a beautiful website to just ooo and ah at.

I found the link via TWR, who are always worth a few moments of your time, especially this post! (Ha ha!)

Thank you for your kind 'get well' messages. Pretty at Heart, you hit the nail on the head! I think it was food poisoning, and I still can't eat a meal without suffering the consequences, so to speak! Still, I'm a big lass, so I won't miss a few calories!!!
Z xx

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