Friday, 11 November 2011

The weather is totally yuck today! This is a photo of the Lift Tower taken during the Summer. Today the top of it was all shrouded in fog.

The blue sky seems a figment of my imagination. The leaves have all gone. But my little dog rose still has some blooms on and there are still a few marigolds nodding their golden heads at me!

I picked probably the last of the raspberries earlier this afternoon. Not many but enough to make a difference to Mr B's bowl of muesli tomorrow morning!

The pampas has lost its' pretty pink tinge and is now cream. I usually tend to miss the new fronds forming, as it always coincides with our trip to Plymouth. But this year they must've come through earlier and I managed to snap a few photos before we went away, which was nice.

I think, if it's dry enough, I need to do a quick catch-up in the garden. Lots of bulbs that I'm behind with planting. Ditto wallflowers. Got a couple of cheapo roses from Wilkinson's to plant too. Roll on Spring!

Have a great weekend, whatever you are doing!
Z xx


  1. The weather is definitely yuck here in Northampton this morning, just been out in the garden with the chickens and it looks like a mud bath. Thanks for adding the fair flyers, hopefully see you both Saturday.
    Ann x

  2. Hi Zoe,the CD just arrived in the post yipee! Thank you so much for lending it to us,it's really kind of you. It will be just right for playing on Saturday.
    Ann x

  3. Its actually been really mild in Blackpool today but hasn't the bad weather arrived suddenly. I must admit I prefer the darker nights but hope we don't have a bad winter like last year. xx PS I love your new background. xx

  4. It's nice here today, I was rather confused when I saw that circular glowing thing in the sky this morning, I'd forgotten what sunshine looked like! x

  5. It's been quite nice here recently. I am still really struggling with the cold (the heating at home is set to the most bizarre times and we can't work it out, and the heating at work is just broken) but apart from that, all is well!

  6. I was shamed into the cupboard overhaul......after seeing my friends B.E.U.T.iful larder cupboard!
    She actually bought me two large jars and one smaller one...then I went to a Jamie at home party and bought some more!
    I feel all smug and neat......then my OH will come home and muddle things!