Friday, 18 November 2011

Party Dress

Having thought about Clare's 40th, it dawned on me that the photos that I had scanned of my Raleigh bicycle, inspired by Vix's post, were in fact taken 4o years ago!

This was taken on my 10th or 11th birthday...either 1970 or '71.

I do still have both the dress and the bike. They were both in the shed! I thought for ages that my only party dress had been left behind in a move; then a couple of summers ago, yay!, lo and behold, it was in a bag of clothes long since grown out of. To say I cried a few tears would be an understatement!!

I had managed to learn to ride my bike, but my best friend, Willy, (as in Wilhelmina), couldn't, so she stood next to it.
Willy had loads of party dresses, whereas I had just the one, but it was my pride and joy. None of that 'I can't wear that old thing again'; you wore your dress to every party with pride! I even have a picture of me dressed as Little Bo Peep, with a big hat and a crook that my dad made by bending a knitting needle in boiling hot water and then fixing it to a pole! Goodness, dressing up for a party was so much easier then!

It's the weekend, so party on down everyone and have a good one. We're off to Market Harborough tomorrow for this...

...can't wait!
Z xx


  1. Ahhh what a lovely post that brought a lump to my throat hearing about your one and only party dress i am so pleased you still have it. I can imagin how much that means to you. A little treasure. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the fair, dee xx

  2. How amazing that you still have the dress and bike! I remember my mum used to make all our dresses and the majority of our clothes, that kind of thing doesn't happen anymore sadly. However my mum has an industrial sewing machine at home so I think my 2012 new years resolution is to make something i can wear. xx

  3. Hooray for our hoarding Mums! Those are such lovely pictures, gorgeous garden and you were such a pretty child (but you're still a pretty girl).
    Enjoy the fair. Loved Mr B's comment on my blog. Coal dust as eyeliner? I may bear that in mind next time I run out. x

  4. Hi - just saw your comment at Lucy's and decided to have a look at your blog. My name is Zoe, too and I think we are of the same vintage. Not many Zoe's about in 1960!