Monday, 7 November 2011

Wicker Wednesday 10

This is the Clarks store in Northampton. I don't think I even knew there was one; but Mr B spotted it as we walked past on Saturday afternoon! A photo opportunity not to be missed!
This is the poster picture from the last Wicker Wednesday brought to life, so to speak!

Here we have a whole gaggle of 'Whicker lookie-likies'! (Even one on crutches!).
It looked like a Whicker Convention as all these people swarmed off the coach at Totnes Railway Station as we were eating our lunch in the station cafe.

Be warned, the next bit you may find somewhat controversial. It is just my view.
Sadly, they proved a real disappointment! Apparently it was a group of students from Dartmouth College, on their first leave for 7 weeks. My God, supposedly the cream of forthcoming Naval personnel, none of whom seemed to know how to close a door behind them as they all trooped in, and out of the cafe. I don't know about the MOD/Government demolishing our Armed Forces, but if these are the best students that will be picked to run the Navy side of the Forces in a few years time, maybe it's a good job there won't be anything left for them to run! Maybe they all perform extraordinarily well under pressure, but some decent manners wouldn't go amiss!
And relax...

Here we have the very charming and suave Mr W doing what he's good at...this time talking about women and their clothes!

Z xx


  1. I have to say i like your scarf pretty in pink. And wicker i love it there is something wholesome about it. I agree that good manners cost nothing. dee xx

  2. Love those bags!

    Thank you for the lovely comment...:>)