Monday, 21 November 2011

The King Of Snakeskin Boots

Guest Post from Mr B

They go up diddly up up, they go down diddly... you get the gist. Some magnificent men at work have been growing moustaches this month for Movember, to raise awareness and, in a lot of cases, money, for men's health issues.
Feargus is Team Leader, said Aonghus, just a few days in and already sporting a well-defined facial adornment. It all seemed a good idea back in Plymouth, when Feargus was telling Johnny about Movember. Yes, I'll do it I said, not to get involved but to support those who were. However, this did get 'ze little gray cells working' as a well-known ambassador for the perfectly groomed upper lip would say!

George Cole as Flash Harry in St Trinians I thought, which sent us on a Google search for 'the spiv moustache'. Another source of inspiration was Private Walker from Dad's Army. John Waters pencil moustache I always thought was a gem.

The best moustache I have ever seen was on a Chinaman, who I had the pleasure of working with in Hong Kong. His name was Eamon and he had a full Fu Man Chu.

A few of the magnificent men have gone for the down-diddly-down-down-style of facial grooming, but as yet no up-diddly-up, y'know like Jimmy Edwards. A month is probably not long enough to craft something as fabulous as that!Then I remembered a style icon from the distant past. Hold onto your hats all you fashion bloggers out there, and take a Googled trip to Peter Wyngarde as Jason King!

Jason King wore snakeskin boots. In my early teens I bought a snakeskin belt new from Oxfam in Elm Grove. I wore it with white jeans, like I say, it seemed a good idea at the time! This was when 'Sailor' were in the charts with 'Girls, Girls, Girls' and 'A Glass of Champagne'.

Possibilities of what I could achieve were coming thick and fast, unlike the trial run 'spiv moustache' that I attempted on the eve of Movember. (Rules stated that you had to start the month clean shaven.) Mrs B laughed and my hopes of becoming the new Mr Sheen man were dashed!

Day 14 and Johnny's wife issued an ultimatum and the fledgling moustache had to go!
So, a big salute to Team Feargus and all the magnificent men, (and women!), who are taking part.

I leave you with the ultimate king of facial of facial hair...
Mr Lon Chaney.


  1. ;-)) I have to say i love a man with a beard ( ie my dad ) but a moustache uummmmm noooo i always think of those dodgy ones from the 70's ;-)) have a lovely week, dee xx

  2. A couple of our friends are taking part but neither appear to be progressing very well. One of them has cultivated a 'tache that looks more Hitler than Jason King.
    Loving the sound of the white jeans and snakeskin belt, pimp-tastic. x

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