Wednesday, 13 May 2015

BEDM - Day 13 "Top Tips"

My recipe post is on its' way, post written, just need to find the actual recipe! I've made it that often that I just 'throw' stuff in, but for a first timer, it might help to have measurements.
(It's that old it'll be in ounces tho').
So, a couple of tips from me...
The first one is if you have sluggish plugholes use old coffee grains. Pour the used grains down the plughole, followed with some liquid soap and then pour down some very hot water. Bingo! I've only recently tried this out in the bath and after a couple of 'doses' the water is draining away so much better.
The second one will probably make you go "Eurgh!", but it does work; I know as it was used on me.
Years ago I was having my hair dyed black in a salon in Southampton by a student. She managed to get dye all over the sides of my face(!). They used the salon dye remover but it didn't budge it. They called the boss, as she was on her day off, and she told them to collect cigarette ash.
But gently rubbing it into the dyed areas with cotton wool did remove it.
Probably not good around the eyes, nose or mouth, but jolly good on the cheekbones!


  1. Eurgh, indeed! But if it works......!?x

  2. I've heard of the fag ash tip before but stuck to using nail varnish remover. The unblocking drains trick I'll definitely try. x