Thursday, 7 May 2015

BEDM - Day 7 "Home Sweet Home"

Books, stuff and more stuff makes my home sweet.
Probably too much 'stuff'!
Mr B stayed in digs in Edinburgh earlier this year. It was a family home with some amazing artefacts.
Whilst having a chat with the owner, he mentioned that we have more things than we really have the room for and the overflow is kept in storage.
"We rotate things" to which the owner said "Like the British Museum, you have seasons."
Those who've followed for a while may remember a couple of years back when our flat was "refurbished".
Belongings were packed up and stored for several weeks.
The family house down the road had two crates worth.
Yep! We needed FIVE of these wooden crates
We had five!


  1. Yay!! Love all the books!! I DREAD moving house!!!!x

  2. I'd love to rummage round your bookshelf! x