Sunday, 3 May 2015

BEDM - Day 3 "Self Care Sunday"

Having woken up this morning with yesterdays' make-up still on, well, I'd guess I'd suggest taking off your make-up before going to bed as a good step to looking after ones-self!
To be fair though, most of it was Laura Gellar stuff which is a mineral make-up and therefore not too awful to have left on.

A gentle walk through the park to Aldi was up-lifting for the soul and spirit as we were in the sunshine and missed all the rain.
I have a stash of daily meds to take to keep me 'healthy'. Two lots for high blood pressure, which is all over the place at the moment(!), anti-histamine, anti-depressant and something for my overactive bladder.
I'm think crystals are a positive force. How? Not really sure but they've been good for me. Regular heavy-duty massage for my neck/spine because of scoliosis. I quite fancy taking up Pilates, which is a fantastic thing. Working in a dance environment I was introduced to it donkeys years ago and, with hindsight, wish I'd pursued it.
Having been in a really rather horrible dark place with clinical depression my self care has left a lot to be desired. I don't think anyone has ever sat next to me and thought "She smells", but daily ablutions really didn't figure in my day, (not very much did), and even now it is something I have to consciously think about as opposed to doing it on 'auto-pilot', if that makes sense.
Even now it is a struggle to clean my teeth even daily, let alone twice a day! Thank goodness I have strong teeth and a caring dentist!
My garden has quite seriously been a life-saver and I would say grow something, wherever you live. The garden isn't very big but I cram a lot in and the excitement when, like today, my broad beans began to show...WOW!!
Then you get the good thing of eating fresh produce, which really is just the best.
And there's the thing - just do the best that you can do.
YOU deserve it!


  1. Oh Zoe, your garden is beautiful! And I can attest to the feeling of calmness when you garden, even though I am really ungreenfingered (if such a word exists!!) . My tomatoes and lettuce have germinated- I must do something with them now- am so excited as they usually die! Hoping no evil snails will interfere if I put them outside!

    You look lovely in your orange print top and pretty brooch. Oooh,what did you buy in Seasalt? I only just discovered it but I'd really like one of their raincoats!x

  2. Your garden looks wonderful, what an inviting place it is. You look very pretty on your Aldi jaunt! xxx