Monday, 18 May 2015

BEDM - Day 18 "Newsflash!"

Mr B has just Skyped me from Truro.

The digs where he is staying is the third chimney along the row of houses, just visible behind the trees on the left.
The cathedral is behind where this is filmed from.
It is a beautiful place; if you ever get a chance to visit, grab it with both hands!


  1. Oooh, I say, it looks really nice! Lucky him! Not been though I'm off to Devon next week!x

    1. Ooo, where are you going? I love the West Country.

    2. Cor, brilliant! Well jel! etc etc
      If you're there Friday/Saturday there's a great market and on Fridays "Shabby Chick" Amanda has a beautiful stall of all sorts of home-y things.
      And if you go up the hill (high street?) there's Gazebo; again all sorts, Greengates, CK, pretty pretty things! Trying to think if there is a Saltrock shop but don't think so. Mr B only got me the bags from their shop in Truro. If I tweeted it'd be #excited!