Tuesday, 12 May 2015

BEDM - Day 10 "Wishlist"

Rene's wish list is...
a room that we can't go in, but she can
rotisserie chicken at any given moment
a nice comfy bed with duvets, throws and cushions that she doesn't have to share with us
(even tho' she gets our bed to herself for most of the day!)
I couldn't really decide on a list for me; but that was then and, as I am behind with this post, and this is now, well...
Having had smoke and a vile smell coming from my washing machine this morning, I am putting that in very big letters at the top of my list!
Thinking about this Hotpoint washer/dryer.
Never owned a washer/dryer, well, never actually had a tumble dryer. Used them in work, but do think they can wear out your clothes much quicker, but, I live in the UK and we do have a lot of wet weather!
Anyone got any views, news or reviews?


  1. Rene looks most content! They used to say not to buy combined washer/driers as they had lots of parts to go wrong with and were expensive to repair. not sure if that's still true.
    We inherited Jon's Mum's tumble drier. Its good for drying bed linen in the winter or wet days but I could easily live without it. x

  2. I never use a tumbledrier. In my old house, we had an Edwardian drying rack mounted with pulleys and ropes in the huge stairwell of my house- the house was tiny but it had this huge unused space. Nowadays in our house here, we have 3 clothes horses! I have an Edwardian drying rack should we move to a high-staired house!x
    She is a beautiful cat, that tabby!!! I like her wishlist!x