Tuesday, 5 May 2015

BEDM - Day 5 "Cinco de Mayo"

Rene in a sombrero
I'm afraid to say all things 'Mexicana' really don't come into my sightline! We enjoy Chiquitos when we're in Salford, but I tend to eat steak, nothing spicy.
Oh, and cocktails, of course!
This next picture was taken when we lived in Southsea, when we would visit the Southsea Show held on the common.
They had a most wonderful Floral Tent, our very own 'Southsea Chelsea' so to speak.
There were all sorts of displays - these cacti, sweet peas, (my fave), professional growers, WI groups, kiddies mini gardens, (I loved doing those at school).
 And a tea room!


  1. OH bravo! I couldn't think of anything original to do so I just did my own thing!x