Thursday, 21 May 2015

BEDM - Day 21 "Collaboration"

Today I am collaborating with Kezzie over at Kezzie AG. She suggested that we ask each other questions. My idea, from Mr B, was that we did some sort of Skype-y video thingy of her teaching me Chopsticks! Not enough time for us to figure it out for today; but the future? Hey, you never know!
I called my questions to her " KezzieQuest". Any questions, from anybody, directed to me are called "Interrogation"!
So let the interrogation begin...
1.  What was the finest or your favourite hat you ever made and why?
I rather liked one I made for a ladies' second wedding. She was a 'mature lady' and my friend was doing her suit, in scarlet silk with a sort of lime green piping. It sorta sounds garish, but it was very smart. The hat she wanted was, so I was told, like the one that Jamie Curtis wore in "A Fish Called Wanda", which I hadn't seen.

We didn't have access in those days like we all take for granted nowadays, so I sussed she meant a Jackie O-type pillbox with a big bow on the back.
All in the red silk and piped in green. Even the big, puffy bow. I think it looked fab. Sadly, no photo but I know she also wore it to Glorious Goodwood, so she must've liked it too!
2. Who was your favourite teacher or lecturer through life and what difference did they make or how did they inspire you?
This was tough. I narrowed it down to 3. In reverse order, Gordon, who I worked with at Festival Ballet. Generous to many of us with his knowledge and spirit. He went on to work lecturing costume in Hong Kong and it broke my heart to find out that he had been stabbed to death in his own flat with his cutting out scissors. Second, Mr Hathaway from Junior School. Just brilliant in all respects. Our big Summer Term project with him was building a Saxon Hut and a Charcoal Burners Hut in a corner of the school playing fields.
But in first place, the wonderful Mr Little. Also in Junior School, the year before Mr Hathaway and the designer of LOBNIC - Little's Own Binary Numbers Instant Calculator, or words to that effect. He also helped teach us French by playing Bingo in French...'Maison!'. Well, we were only about 9 years old at the time!
3. If you could design a new crisp flavour, what would yours be?
I'm wondering about cheese and pineapple?
When I was younger, before the choice there is now, someone taught me about putting Worcestershire Sauce into a bag of ready salted and giving it a good shake.
4. What was your most embarrassing work experience ever?
Calling Chantal, Princess von Ernst of Hanover 'Mrs Hanover' when filling in an order form for her at Catherine's!
"Mrs Hanover" probably wearing something not from Chelsea Design Co
I only found out when I came to do the banking and logged her cheque in for items she had bought  from the women's wear boutique. ( I had been working in the children's shop.) In my defence, the form was one of those pre-printed ones with Mr/Mrs/Miss on, so at least I didn't put Mr! For another good boobie, again at Catherine's, read this!
5.  What led you to follow the career you followed?
I went to design college not knowing what I wanted to do. I had tried really hard to get an apprenticeship as a farrier, whilst still at school, with no joy. I did the Foundation Course and didn't want to do a degree so it was a toss up to either do Theatre Design & TV Crafts or Product Design, purely on the basis of wanting to be able to use the amazing workshops that were available. I plumped for theatre because I could sew. One of my tutors was Head of Millinery at The Royal Opera house; we hit it off and I had a flair for hat making.
I pushed myself out there in what was due to be my last year at college, and was offered a job with Freddie Fox, with college agreeing to me doing one day a week with FF in my final term and then go into a full time job.
Then I got glandular fever big time. My mum thought I had luekemia I was that unwell. So everything went a bit tits up! When I finally finished my course and moved to London I was lucky enough to get work as Wardrobe Mistress for visiting companies to Sadler's Wells, for Dance Umbrella. The theatre was also home for Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet, (aka BRB now), and eventually moved permanently to the Making Wardrobe, as opposed to Touring Wardrobe, for them.
Was head-hunted by Gordie at LFB.

Me & Gordie were working hard in Granada
Then I moved to work with a friends' mother, who made bridal wear in Chelsea which was hellish and then went to Catherine's.
Fast forward to us living in Southsea, where I set up as freelance maker and then eventually re-training in Business Administration and then working as a technical librarian for an engineering company that carried out work for British Aerospace amongst others.
I loved it.
Sadly, my clinical depression started and I was ultimately made redundant, which didn't help.
I now am termed 'a homemaker' or what I call Mr B's PA!!
6.  If you were offered some sort of blog opportunity, what would your ideal one be?
No idea.
Maybe something for large ladies or something for mental health or something for large ladies with mental health issues!
7. Where was your most exciting holiday ever?
I'm not well-travelled at all, but I did go on tour with Mr B to Switzerland. We stayed at the amazing Lausanne Palace Hotel and also spent time in the most amazing theatre in Basel.
Where we ate breakfast at the Lausanne Palace, with a view of Lake Geneva
I'm tempted to say I don't do 'exciting' but I am doing something exciting at the end of June.
If I can get out of the house, which nearly tripping myself up just going to the bakers this lunchtime, I wonder if I'll manage it! It's just the stress I think that makes me lose balance; I must look drunk if you are walking behind me!
8. What is your most favourite item in your wardrobe?
Depends what for. Generally trousers and if at home all day, then comfy.
Can't think of one extra special item though.
Will have a think on that one!
9.  Share your most shocking deed as a child (if you dare!??!!)

When I was away at school, aged 12, a whole load of us went into the field next to the tennis courts and 'fought' with the local boys.

We got sent to bed early, (I mean about 6 o'clock early), with no supper, just bread and water. I can't remember her exact words, but Mardi, the headmistress, was really, really not pleased with me!
10. What are the things you miss most about being a child.
Brent Cottage, where I grew up. It was idyllic. And a lack of fear. I was always wary, but it's the fact you don't take in the huge enormity of stuff when you're a kid, do you?
11. Tell me your favourite word and why?
Tabby. Yes, I know, my cats' name. But we would, and still do, sing what we call The Tabby Cat Song aka the SATC theme tune with Tab Tab Tab as the words. Or The Big Bang Theory with Tab, Tab Tab, it all started with a tabby cat! CAT!! Try it, it's catchy!

Phew! If you're still reading, I take my hat off to you! (ha ha).
Thank you, Kezzie, it's been a blast!
Now, about Chopsticks...........


  1. I love, love, love your answers! Ha, got to know all the nosy things I wanted to know!!!!xxx
    You've had an amazing career- seriously!!!
    And we went on a tour of Switzerland for our honeymoon- loved it! xx

    1. It is a most beautiful country. On flying into Geneva cue lots of 'dur dur du-du-du dur dur' a la The Champions theme tune! (Before your time I'm sure, but I bet Google/Youtube will help out!).

  2. Oh and I think you might be onto something with the cheese and pineapple crisps.x

  3. What a fantastic read, I loved this! x

  4. I love Kezzie too and I think cheese and pineapple crisps should now be a thing. Or pork crackling and apple sauce (that would be my creation!)

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. Mmmm, like the sound of those crisps. Bit safer for my teeth that pork scratchings!
      Have a great weekend!