Saturday, 9 May 2015

BEDM - Day 9 "Secret Talent"

 A little 'Art Therapy' project that I took upon myself to carry out.
Made with bits and pieces found around the home, years ago, I thought I'd make a fly screen curtain for the back door. The nylon cord came from a kite that my dad made me when I was about 9. The kite got trashed almost on its' first outing, but its' line was on a wooden kite reel that dad had made as well and that got kept...because one day, 'it would come in handy'. The brown plastic spacers I cut from the outer casing from copper wire that I had stripped out, (and probably had used for something else!). The leaves were stripped off fake rose stems used to make the bouquets that were handed out to Roxy and Velma in the original London production of Chicago.
Nothing goes to waste in this household!!!

I was just going to blog about my sewing and millinery, but Mr B said to use these two different items.
So, my second piece is a watercolour, again, done many years ago. I nearly always pack my tiny watercolour paints tin, boards and a pencil when I go away. But this has been the only time I have ever really done anything with them.
I used my make-up brushes to actually paint with! 
And the real view...


  1. You're an ex-milliner- that is SO cool!!!!! Seeing your reference to hats, I just noticed you were a milliner! Do you still make any at all? I am in awe. Your painting is beautiful and how cool that you recycled the bouquets from Chicago! I filmed some really stupid vlogs with some dumb 'funny' talents and thought better of uploading them! Now not sure what to do !x

    1. We want the 'funny' talent vlogs! Please!
      Haven't made a hat in years. But hope to get a craft space set up and my crafty 'mojo' is coming back ever so slowly, so you never know! Tardis Titfer anyone???

  2. I never knew you were so talented - that painting is amazing.

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. I knew about the millinery but didn't know about the painting, you are talented! xxx

  4. No, come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see your Sunday and Monday posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx