Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A Post for Mel (she'll know why!)

Everything was lovely Saturday. Until some bright spark had had the brilliant idea of commissioning a piece done by a choir, live, in the foyer.

The Place used to be a Drill Hall. The theatre holds about 300. Not too big. But when the foyer is full and it's hot and we're kept waiting and THEN this lot start shouting and stamping around in amongst us....that was too much. Cue mega panic attack. I must've been scary, cos the girl let me thru' the doors to the auditorium without a whisper! So there I was in the no-mans-land; the dark gap between the foyer and the auditorium, fanning myself like mad and trying desperately not to cry. Without much success. Mr B came thru' and we went and sat in the auditorium. There were only a handful of people there and a big thank you to the front of house lad who looked after us.

The plus side is that eventually I calmed down and really enjoyed the show. I hadn't taken any meds with me as I really didn't think I'd need them, so I calmed down all by myself, which is brilliant. And the fact that I stayed where I was is brilliant too. It wasn't easy, or comfortable. Crying in Public is not something I would advise anyone to do!! But, hey, I lived to tell the tale. A year ago (or even 6 months ago), it probably would've knocked the stuffing out of me for days and really dented my confidence.

So, if you are planning some 'thing' that is taking place publicly, be warned, it could have a serious detrimental effect on someone!!

(And that specially commissioned musical opener? I thought it was b*llocks!!)

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