Thursday, 13 May 2010

You know it makes (Home)sense

I thought the best way to answer questions about THIS shop was to do a stack of photos! They are taken on my phone, so hence the slightly fuzzy quality.
So, in no particular order...

plastic picnic ware

in the background a rather nice metal love seat and a selection of 'outside' stuff

a view from upstairs, looking over vases and other interior nick-knacks

hair and beauty stuff, including bathroom fixtures (towel & toothbrush holders), towels in a myriad of colours and in the background, bed throws, mattress protectors etc

pretty hatboxes

a choice of urns

kids stuff, toys, baby stuff-tho' not clothes as such, but they did have these oh-so-cute girls wellies

a little bit more CK

vinegars, olive oil, fancy salt, flavoured sugars, rice, tea & coffee...
an epicureans dream

talking of dreams-no, they don't actually sell beds (yet!), but chests of drawers, butchers blocks, dining tables & chairs
(well, you might need to sit down to have a little rest!)

tea, anyone?

kitchen cleaning stuff, including quite a lot of 'green' products

pretty serving dishes

outdoor cushions and seating

cookware, (but I think they've sold the other pink pans)

all manner of crafting goodies
(and a fab selection of books)

more outdoorsy stuff-including doormats
The biggest downsides are you cannot go away and think about it for a couple of days, because it may well get sold, and quite often items are only in limited numbers, tho' you can buy and return within 14 days, but that's not much help if you've travelled a distance to get there. And you never know what is going to be there, I very rarely go there with a specific need in mind, you just need to go and see what you fancy.
I ended up buying a lilac metal plant holder and a teak lounger chair! I have wanted one for YEARS and took the plunge, using the excuse that it would be paid for out what my mum left me and therefore would be an early birthday present from her. It's an investment that'll last for years and will get plenty of use.
Here is a link to the Northampton store, which has a map, and access to find a store near YOU!
Better wave goodbye now.

Y'all come back now!


  1. Ooh a Chester one opening next month - I shall have to go! Such glorious things. I'm especially loving the hatboxes and all that cookware.

  2. Oh my gosh, I NEED the polka dot teapots! So. Cute.

  3. I'm always frightened to take photos in store! I would expect someone to pick me up by my collar and throw me out! (Mind you, they'd have a job picking me up).

  4. Hi

    Wow what a lovely shop, my nearest one is apparently 39 miles away but I might have to have a look one of these days!!! Love the cushion on the outdoor chair, it reminds me of Greengate patterns.

    Thank you so much for entering my giveaway and your lovely comment, I'm so glad to hear I inspired you :)))

    Mel xxx