Friday, 14 May 2010


Well, we had fun yesterday!
The second lot of blackbirds fledged. Rene came eyeball to eyeball with one, but the adults were so fierce she fled under the lounger. Told you it would get lots of use! I did 2 lots of washing and had to put a hat on, as they were dive-bombing me too. Scary! And poor old Tabby, just trying to sit quietly in her own garden, got chased quite literally into the kitchen...the male bird flew in after her and then couldn't find his way out! Daft bu**er! He just kept flapping against the window. I got him out eventually, but I don't expect to do adult bird rescue!!
It is very odd. This second family set up home in the old nest. If they breed early in the year, does anyone know if (a), they can have a second brood or (b), can the male have another brood with a different female? Of course, it could just be a different pair, but I was surprised at the re-use of the nest.

Also, the swallows (swifts?) have arrived. I love watching them fly, and the noise they make.
And, finally, Mr B flew home. Hurrah! Hence the 2 loads of washing!!
He as brought me home some lovely goodies but I haven't taken any pictures yet, so they will follow.
But here are a few from his trip.
A canal near Virginia Beach. We love canal boats, and he took this photo as it looked different to our canals over here.
A painted wall on the corner of Granby Street, that is over 100 years old.
And how clever is this ? A retractable bike rack for 2 bikes. Clever, eh?
Also, there is a ramp in the doorway that lifts up and folds out for wheelchair users, that is fully automated. I think that is a brilliant bit of design.
A motorcycle cop on his mobile, in Washington.
The company went to and from Washington to Norfolk by coach and on their return, had the choice to go early and spend some time in Washington and go on an open-top bus trip. Mr B elected to wander round on his own. He thought is was really well laid out and was pleased he did the early option.
I can't get over how clean it all looked.
And this is his favourite photo.
Have a fab weekend,
Z xx

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  1. Hi- thanks for your visit and comments. . .really strange coincidence because we were in Washington and Virginia Beach, must've been around the same time as your husband- wouldn't it have been funny if we'd bumped into each other!
    We stood around where the motorcycle cop photo is to have a pic of the White House.
    Hope he's over his jetlag!