Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hi Ho Silver

I was getting a tad concerned that my posts were being a bit bleak, so in an effort to be more positive...

(photo from link below)

One of 'my boys'* was invited to show at Chelsea and won Silver.

How bloomin' brilliant is that?

Good on you Wicky. The last time I saw him was at a retirement Gala and at the after party he stuck his head down my cleavage!!
*(We do know each other very well. 'My boys' were a regular bunch of dancers that I used to 'dress' and make costumes for).


And a really fab thing that happened to me...
when we went to The Place, part of the day was spent recounting memories of being with the company, both on Dictaphone and film. Well, technically, I shouldn't have been there, but was welcomed in. As Barrington said, if you did Class with the company, you were part of the company; and I did the very last class they did, with Bob, at Canterbury.
(And, yes, I was knackered!)
Now if those two things alone (that doesn't make sense does it? two things alone) weren't enough I got to spend the time sitting next to David Hughes. Yeah, I know...a lot of blank faces all round. He is a wonderful dancer and a wonderful bloke too. And, boy, was he eye candy. (Looking older now tho, but still easy on the eye!). This man was an Athena poster star! (Again, cue blank faces on those of a younger ilk!)
I don't really know of an equivalent today. But I'd like to think maybe R-Patz or someone like him. ('cept he does nothing for me. Benicio del Toro, now there's a MAN).
See, I'm 50 but, hey, I'm up there with wots happening!!!
Even if I don't know any of these...
(Alex, that's for you!!!)

Sadly, I can't find an image of the poster, but here is a more recent photograph, by Paul Liburd, who was also a dancer with LCDT.

Beautiful, isn't he?
So, on that lush note I shall sign off for now,

Z xx


  1. Penny just keep telling yourself that the best is yet to come. Life is good!

    Art by Karena

  2. Ohoo well done on the silver, bet you were really proud. I so loved the dance I did at drama school, and all the worshops we had, Dv8 were brilliant and the Rambert, think I sometimes wished I was a dancer. Thanks for your lovely comment and as for the tee's am being professional ;0) but yes, they may be ;0) Are a freebie, but oh for them to get papped in them would be so cool, not for promotional reasons, more because I am very inspired by mum, :0) Hugs from me XX

  3. Don't worry about it, most people who commented didn't seem to know who they were!

    He is rather hunky - I like a man with good arms.

  4. Reading this post makes me want to join in on the fun, even though I would not know who anyone was at all. I suppose one doesn't need to know a lot about the eye candy to enjoy it though, right? haha. love the pic, and your comment about Benicio - you are NOT wrong. :)

  5. Hi Zoe,
    sorry I missed you at the BBBB. The antiques centre is on Abington Avenue and is open every day except Monday. Deb and I are going to have our own unit there in about a month's time.
    Ann x