Friday, 21 May 2010

We're going to London (not) to buy Heat magazine

Mr Blossom and I are going to London tomorrow as Mr B has been invited to this
He used to work for the dance company LCDT, (London Contemporary Dance Theatre), on the Stage Management team. It was the most wonderful company, until, sadly, it lost its Arts Council funding. So it should be a fabulous day...friends that we haven't seen in 16 years. A few we've kept in touch with but others have spread out all over the world, but tomorrow many of them will be back at The Place. Hurrah for Robin Howard, I trust he will be looking down on us from Above.
The post title is from a TV ad for a UK gossip magazine, with a mother in a car with 2 children, driving to London to get her Heat magazine. Luckily, if I want it, I can buy it from my local shop, 5 minutes walk away!!
Finally, a big 'Hello', (another UK magazine, btw!) to cheap2chic, welcome!
Have a great weekend, don't melt in this Heat (ha ha),
Z xx

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