Friday, 28 May 2010

It's my 1st bloggiversary and... half century birthday! Argh!!
Mr Blossom is in Poole so I celebrated this morning with the cats and did a little video so Mr B can see me opening my pressies!

I think I need to organize a little giveaway. It mostly seems that you ask for comments and ask people to become followers and then pick a winner. But I rather like the idea of doing it for those of you who have followed or commented during my last year; then it goes to someone who HAS supported me. I'm not fussed at getting hundreds of followers, (altho' that'd be nice), as I like the fact I can keep up with my special band of followers.

Whaddaya think?
Z xx


  1. Happy belated birthday hun!! It will be my turn next year!!
    It's always great to hear about a giveaway, and it's all up to you the way you want to do it!!
    Just remember 'fifty is the mew forty!!'
    Will you be going to the next Northampton V & H fair in the Autumn? Don't know the date yet, but I'm sure Ann & Debbie will let us know.


  2. Ooohh yes I'm always game for a giveaway!

    I'm so annoyed that I was away for the crafty bicycle dodar! xxxxxxxxxxxxx