Friday, 7 May 2010

Pink pan(t)s

I love this sketch.
In fact I loved anything the 'Smack the Pony' girls did.
I wish they wold do a new series.

And here are my pink pans.
A terrible photo, but I just HAD to do this post NOW!

From Homesense. Where else!

And if I wear my pink pants too, I can cook up a storm. But I'll wear a pinny!

(And no, I DO NOT cook in my underwear!). But I do remember a story of a tutor who went to make his breakfast-naked-and turned on the gas ring..........yeow, say no more. (No, it wasn't a major catastrophe, just a bit of an early morning wake-up call.)

Have a great weekend, y'all!

Z xx


  1. What a fun post! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. Oh those pink pans are wonderful! I'm a cookophobe but these might encourage me to give the odd recipe a go! xx

  3. Oh this has really made me smile :)

    Made me giggle!!! Pink pans = HAPPIER COOKING!!!!
    Pink pants = ?? Well not quite sure really, but they would make me happy I suppose!! Now Missus this Homesense I keep reading about? How good is it? and is it worth me travelling up from Bedfordshire to visit...hmmmm?????
    Hope you are well and enjoy the rest of your weekend hunny!!!
    Annie xx

  5. Wooooo I lurve the pans! Maybe you should wear the pants and try the "would you like a little deeeessssseeeeeeeeerrrrrrtttt" line on unsuspecting guests! hahaha! Now, where is this haloed homesense you speak of?? Surely not the one by TK Max and peacocks??
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. He is defo a keeper. As i type he is doing the hoovering! Blimey! Sadly my Mum didnt get to meet him because she passed away when I was 7, at Cynthia Spencer Hospice (do you know it?) but i think she would have liked him.
    Im off to dream about pink pans and floral sheets!
    Keep up the great posts xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Oh how I love British humor!!! I totally love your post and now you have me looking for more Smack the Pony videos online :)