Saturday, 29 May 2010

A Fond Farewell

Have just found out today, via The Guardian, that 'The Great Orlando' has passed away.
I made a record on my blog when Alexander Mcqueen and Malcolm Maclaren died, and although they may have been special to me, I never had the pleasure of knowing them.
Jack is different. He reminds me of so many good things from a certain, wonderful, exciting time in my life, and although he had a fair innings, (he was 75) it has knocked me for six a bit.
I remember him getting off the bus outside The Wells and there was scaffolding up around the stage door. I was going back into work and helped guide him through the Stage Door and into his dressing room. We struck up quite a conversation and on that seasons first night I took him in some freesias, saying, well, you might not be able to see them, but, boy, you can't half smell them! We were not best buddies, of course, but he remembered me the next season, which to me, was quite something! It was always an exciting time when the Kemp company was in Town!
He was amazing on stage and a blooming good, charming gent off.
Happy memories Jack; won't ever forget you.
Z xx
PS. Picture taken from his My Space page. I hope no-one minds.

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