Monday, 3 May 2010

Bit lax recently on the old bloggaroony front, I'm afraid!

So, firstly, a big 'Hello' to Bombshell and Basketweave. Welcome to Pennyblossoms' world!

I'd liked to send a big 'Thank You' to Debbie at

for my first ever award. I have to admit, it bought a tear to my eye. I was so chuffed!!

Here are a few pictures from the Bicycle Basket Bazaar last Saturday. I met three georgous girls, Charlotte, Hannah and Laura (l to r).

And here is a photo of Laura and Hannahs' stall. It was full of pretties, a real treat for the eyes. Yummy.

And talking of 'yummy', this was my lunch at The Nook.

With these taken home from the 'cake lady', Pamela.

Triple yum.

And, would you believe it, I have lost 5lbs. Not sure've seen all the foodie related photos on this blog! I do try to eat properly, lots of veg etc.. I've spoken to my GP about it and she knows I am concerned that I am so overweight. But from what she says, I do wonder if the meds are partly to blame. But I feel that is just a cop-out excuse. But I also feel relieved that with the depression issues, I didn't end up with an eating disorder. I am happy as I am-I feel more confident now than when I was half the size, but the health issues are the ones that make me want to lose weight. Still, 5 down only another $%*@ to go!!

Anyway, I have a week to do as I please as Mr B flew out to Norfolk, Virginia on Saturday for work. So, I MUST TRY AND BE SUPER-CONSTRUCTIVE this week! And a blog post is a pretty good start.

I need to pass on this but that will be another post. So, till then, 'au revoir' mon chums,( it is 'Darling Buds of May' day on ITV3, and they are in France).

Z xx


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic day! Glad to see you back by the way. I always do enjoy reading your posts.

    Warning: Dumb American girl question here... I assume "chuffed" means happy/excited? Just wondering. Trying to learn the jargon and have seen that particular word on several blogs now... :)

  2. Enjoy your week of peace - hope you don't miss Mr B too much.

    And well done on the weight loss, even if you don't know how/why it's happened. I know meds can play merry havoc with weight so please don't think of it as a cop-out excuse.

  3. Well done with the weight loss, stick with it. Sorry I missed you at last week's BBB, hopefully see you at the next one when Deb and I will be selling.
    Ann x

  4. Hi Zoe!
    Glad you had a lovely time at the BB, maybe we could meet there next time, what do you think?
    Would like to have a bike there one day, but need to build up some stock!! Also, I would like to find somewhere to park cheaply. Guess that's well nigh impossible in Northampton!
    Have a great week : )

    Sharon xx

  5. Hi all.
    Christie-I use 'chuffed' as a word for being 'well pleased', (very pleased), with something. But if you use 'chuffing', as Alex did on her holiday boat trip post, then it's more of an expletive!
    Alex-I actually enjoy a break from Mr B. He's nearly always toured to a greater or lesser extent, so have got used to it.
    Ann & Sharon-yep BBB looming soon, if I'm not in Poole with Mr B. But coffee @ the Nook, sounds good to me! Contact you nearer the day.

    Thank you for your weight loss comments. Much appreciated!
    Z xx

  6. Hi Zoe Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment. Well done with your weight loss. I also watched Darling Buds of May in France, very relaxing....