Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Pinch Me

Lookie here at what we found last week in Homesense.

For 35 quid!
(Which, I know, is STILL pricey, but when my Tesco set cost £12, it sort of even its self out!)
I do love those pretty roses. My dad had a big rose bed when I was a child and it was his pride and joy. I felt very honoured when he taught me how to prune them and then let me loose on them. I don't really have enough sun in my garden to grow many and most are in pots, which is not ideal. But, much better than not having them!

Mr Blossom very kindly laid out the other designs and took a picture on his phone for your perusal. A mixed bag of designs. I must admit I could've been very tempted by the lighthouse design, which would actually have gone better with the curtains, but I stuck to the 'pretties'.

He also did a pic of this...

...which I think is really funny. And even better girth control when you don't buy it!
It was our 22nd anniversary yesterday, so I phoned him with a wake-up call at 7am his time. He is having a good time in Norfolk VA. Going to Target to get me some Cetaphil and Burts Bees stuff, and getting cat treats from Walgreens! Also catching up with a few friends from their last visit, one of whom restores vintage cars and is hopefully going to come over to the UK to do the London to Brighton run sometime.
When I was a kid we could walk from our house over the fields to catch it as it drove through Gatwick. It was brilliant. The field nearest the Airport is now an NCP car park. Progress, eh?
There is a great old film based loosely around the run, "Genevieve".
A good old bit of Britain in the Fifties. This link has photos etc.
Me...I don't drive!!!


  1. Is £35 cheap for Cath Kidston bedding? *has no clue about such things* It's very pretty anyway.

    *chortles at Girth Control*

  2. Hi Alex. Well, the Homesense label says the RRP is £65! I don't get sent the CK brochures anymore, so can't check with them. But it is a king size, so you get a lot of fabric for your bucks!
    Z xx

  3. Another thing...
    Having just put the duvet cover on, there are NO pillowcases with it!
    Z xx

  4. Is that the shop near Bhs & Luara Ashley?
    Will have to look there if it is!
    Well done!!

    Sharon xx

  5. Hi Sharon. Yes it is. We have a wander round then go to BHS for lovely coffee and to use their loo! Very handy, even for us bus users!
    Z xx

  6. WOW!!!

    OOhhhhh lovely CK bedding....just yummy!