Thursday, 16 May 2013

BEDM - Day 16, Pampering

So, who doesn't love a good pampering, then?
I love my Leighton Denny varnishes and nail care. Most of the varnishes I get from TKMaxx, but I have splashed out on QVC for some of his nail care.
One of the weird things about depression is the fact you can end up not taking care of yourself; daily ablutions-teeth cleaning, bathing, hair washing-all go to pot.
But through all that I have nearly always painted my nails! It's not that I even wear open-toed sandals that often. It just is!

Just a (bad) snapshot of three of the goodies Mr B brought back from Norfolk, VA for me. I had gone onto Target and set up a list (!) of things to look out for. The OPI Avoplex I first found in TKmaxx and haven't seen it on sale over here in the UK. I think it's just wonderful nail and hand cream, with a gorgeous smell which is a nice added bonus. The Burt's Bees coconut foot cream is something Mr B brought back on a prior trip, a few years back, having been encouraged to get a gift pack of their goodies by the Chief Electrician,  Johnny. This was before it was so widely available over here. But I have yet to see this item in Boots. But it is soooo much cheaper in the States, anyway.
The 'heavenly' is a Victoria Secrets body lotion. I have some of the perfume spray left from his last foray. I had used up the body lotion and shower gel, so he picked up some more for me.
(Stuff Victoria...Mr B is my secret angel!)
So, lovely smells and pretty toe nails.
That's me!
Z xx

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