Tuesday, 7 May 2013

BEDM - Day 7, Pets (aka Cats on a Train)

When I was little, I was so desperate to have a pet that I kept a snail!
When I was 7, or thereabouts I got a little white mouse, Tinker. He was followed by another white mouse, Timmy.
We then moved onto cats, which we really didn't have much luck with; although we had an acre and a half of land, including a bluebell wood, the little b*ggers would, of course, go across the road. I had the horror of seeing one of them knocked down in front of me; the driver was distraught, but brilliant. I was waiting with my mum, for a lift to take me to the school Christmas disco, and the kitty had heard us talking and just dashed across the road, in the dark, to see us. My lift arrived and I was bundled into the back of the car. The driver took the cat and my mum into the vets. It all turned out OK in the end.
I used to go to school by taxi, that long ago that it was not the norm, (it seems impossible to get a taxi during 'school run' times in this town!), and saw our second cat tucked into the hedgerow down the road from our house as the taxi drove away. My wonderful teacher, Mr Hathaway, let me call my mum and on finding out that poor old puss was no more, took me home at lunchtime.
Several years down the line, my dad wanted to get a boxer dog. He did a whole load of research and found a breeder in Sussex. We got Ryvid Staccato to give him his full Kennel Club name aka Stac.
He was a great, fun dog, but sadly, epileptic and was ultimately put down at 18 months.
We gave Swanfield Rufus a home via Boxer Rescue. He was 3 years old when we got him and at long last, Rufie was a pet that we had for 10 glorious years. Boxers tend not to make old bones, so at 13 he had had a very good innings.
 Those that follow me know we have 2 cats; Tabby who we rehomed from a house down the road and her one kitten, Rene. (Guess that's why they wanted rid!). We didn't know she was expecting and I happened to be on the phone to a lady called Rene when Renny-Penny-Pants was born, so that's why she was named as such. She is still known as kitten even though she is about 14 years old and we believe Tabby is about 18.

 So, that's my pets...lots of happiness but quite a bit of sadness too. I worry like mad about how I'll cope when these 2 pass away, but, the joy we have had from these two is immeasurable and they have been a Godsend to me when I have been in the depths of depression.
 I love my cats.
Z xx

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  1. Pets do leave their mark on us don't they. I had two Siamese boys who died about 10 years ago and I still miss them. My tabby girl is 10 now and a real mad character.