Saturday, 4 May 2013

BEDM - Day 4, My 5 Favourite Blogs

After staying on a narrow boat in Oxford several years ago, I had seen this boat go past a couple of times.
(Minus the dog, he came along later!).

I was really into the whole boating idea and happened upon a website that showed where boats were moored all over the country. I noticed Maffi's and there was a link which I clicked on, and there it was ...the first blog that I had ever encountered.

His best mate, Dr Bones, soon became a regular read too, and, like Maafi, she lives permanently on her boat along with a piano! She posts of amazing early morning views from her window. Beautiful.

 One thing led to another as they say. Somehow I made the jump from boats to blogs about pretty things...crafting, baking, etc etc.

 The first blogger that I followed was Mel, 'Shabby Chick', of Country in the Town Blogspot. She became my first follower and it was reading her blog that really inspired me to start writing mine. She, too, had health issues and I found great support from her.
She hasn't posted for a while, but she has had many changes in her life, so I guess blogging has gone way down on the list of priorities! But I would still recommend a little trawl through her crafty, homey posts. 

Thank you for visiting me :)
 Fifi and Cindy are 2 American bloggers that are just fab-u-lous!
Lots of pretties and gorgeousness and both huge inspirations to make my mind go 'oooooo'!
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